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Websites & SEO Services

SEO Optimized Websites for Small Business and Small Towns

Creating an online presence for small mom & pop type store fronts that want to expanding into the online world. I also create websites for small townships and villages in my area. Locations I serve include Black River Falls, Neillsville, Osseo, Hixton, and all small towns & villages in between.

  • New Website Planning
  • Redesign Website Planning
  • SEO Optimization
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Photography
  • Drone Photography
  • Content Writing
  • Monthly Maintenance

How much does a website cost?

You have to think about your website as your online store front, or the face of your community. The more you want, the more work that goes into it, then the more it costs to build and maintain. An basic brochure type information only website will be less expensive than an e-commerce online store. It’s difficult to say exactly how much a website will cost until we define all the elements that you want or need.

How long does it take to create a website

The work flow starts with planning what you want, assembling all the components like content, photos, videos, social media, seo requirements and so on. Depending how all that goes, I generally can get it done within 4 weeks, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Do you help with SEO?

Yes.  Search Engine Optimization requirements will be revealed in the planning stage. If you’re selling services or products then you definitely want to be found in search engines. But you may only need Local Optimization which is less involved, or if all you have is an informational site like a local Township then you may not need any SEO. Presuming you already have a website, then a good starting point is to have your site professionally audited. An audit will help you understand where you are not in terms of SEO, how you stack up against your competition, and recommendations of how to close the gaps. Click here to learn more website audit service.

Do you help e-commerce?

Yes.  We can integrate your website with eCommerce using WooCommerce where you can sell products or services, setup workflows to automate your sales funnel, recover abandoned shopping carts, start an affiliate program, start monthly subscriptions, create special offers, create special coupons and much more.

Do you help with photos?

Yes.  I have a DSLR camera, a Drone, and HD 4k Video camera that I use which bring on-site to your location to create custom images made just for you.

Do you help with writing content?

Yes.  Content writing is one of the trickiest part of a website because you’re writing to help your visitors but also writing for search engines.

Why is your website so plain?

As a web designer you’d think I’d have a fancy website. I’ve gone through a few different designs over years and I’m finding, at least for me, that a basic minimalist design is just fine. Most of my projects tend to referrals so I don’t need a lot of flashy bells & whistles to attract visitors.

Let’s get started

Through good planning for your requirements, thoughtful implementation, and care analysis we can create a site that you’ll be proud of and delivers what you were expecting. Call me if you’d like to talk about getting a website for your small business or township.  I can come meet you in person or attend your townships board meeting.  Call 715-896-4094