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SEO for Small Business


About Kamduke Web Designs

I’m Jack Ikhtiari Sr, a Freelance Web Designer / SEO Specialist based in Humbird, Wisconsin. I provide digital services to small businesses and small townships.

The name Kamduke is from two of my dogs, Kammi+Duke.

As a  hobby I was helping friends, family and co-workers with websites. Like other small businesses, over time my hobby grew in a part-time business where I help a number of business owners and municipalities in the area.  I offically found kamduke in 2014 and have done that part-time since then.


What Services do you Offer?

Local Service: With my services, you get someone local, who has lived in this area for over 30 years.  I have a client-first mentality, committed to providing solutions that truly represents the character or essence of your business.

Websites:  There is no doubt these day’s that a website is your number one digital asset. From getting more eyes on your services, to generating new leads, to shaping visitors perception.  Your website should convey that you have the expertise they’re looking for, that you’re an authority on the subject, and that you’re a trustworthy source for what they need help with.

Whether you want a budget-friendly brochure type site, and ecommerce online store, or township community website. My aim is to provide you with a website that’s functional, aesthetically pleasing, mobile-friendly, expandable,  and embodies the brand of your small businesses or community.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – SEO is the pain-staking practice of fine-tuning your online presence in hopes of ranking better organically for high-valued keywords.  In theory, if you can rank in a top position then visitors are more likely to click on your listing.  More clicks means more opportunities to showcase your products or services, which ultimately should lead to higher revenues. 

Ranking organically  in top positions can consistently provide you with new qualified visitors month after month, year after year.  SEO is a good strategy if your goal is to new attract visitors to your website without having to pay for online advertising.  

Be mindful that SEO is a long-game, it takes time to figure out the best keywords for your audience, and build a content strategy that supports keeping the needle moving in the right direction.

Paid Advertising (PPC) – If SEO is the long-game, then Pay Per Click advertising is the short game. PPC provides immediate high visibility to visitors because your paying Google to place your listing front-and-center above everyone else.   

PPC can also be a long-game strategy.  For example, if your PPC is costing you $2500 a month, but it brings in $5000 in revenue, then that’s a good deal.  Why would you wanna stop?

PPC & SEO can compliment each other.  You can use PPC to quickly test your keywords, and then implement SEO for only the best performing keywords.  

Other Services – Over the years I’ve been asked to write the content on my clients websites and social media pages.  Also been asked to visit their place of business to take pictures.  So I’ve added these other services should you need them.

  • Content Writing – Content is still King. Providing content can be challenging for most small business owners.  I’ve been writing now for a number of years and provide this as a service.  The more relevant content on your website for your area of expertise, then the more opportunities you have to acquire more “google juice”
  • Photograph – Sometimes stock photo’s just don’t compliment your website.  I personally think it’s best to use original photos & videos but some clients don’t really have any.  So that’s why I started do this.  If your within my area I can take high resolutions photo’s, 4k video, and/or 4k aerial footage with my drone. I also take care of all the editing, sizing, and getting them on the website.
  • Social Management – Facebook post eventually add to your company’s credibility as a reliable & trustworthy source. Keeping it up to date can be challenging, I can help you find ways to stay active.

Areas of Service

Because of the nature of the digital services I can and do provide help to companies beyond my local area. However, I prefer to meet clients in person which why I focus on 25 mile radius from Humbird, Wisconsin. Which include the following towns:

Black River Falls, Wisconsin

Neillsville, Wisconsin

Osseo, Wisconsin

Hixton, Wisconsin

Merrillan, Wisconsin

Fairchild, Wisconsin

Augusta, Wisconsin